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Our Mission:
Together, we make wellness joy achievable for all.

Our platform is created for the everyday BIPOC human seeking to build healthy relationships through community experiences centered around wellness. With this belief, we focus on creating experiences and spaces through the framing of equity, interconnectedness, and restoration.

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Tell me more about BLK Beetles' vision

We envision a world where the inequities of well-being within Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) communities are eradicated. In following the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being, our values of liberation, tribute, well-being, and xFuturism are used as our north star in reaching this global goal.

What does BLK Beetles stand for?

What if we viewed our wellness journey as a path to empowerment and well-being? What if there were other just like you? What if we could tell our stories and amplify our voices together? The black beetle represents the will and strength to overcome the most challenging obstacles with the assurance that you are on the right path in life. At BLK Beetles, your story is heard and valued!

Wait? Y'all have a Run CRW?!

Yessir! The BLK Beetles Run CRW was started in July 2021 as our first initiative in creating community and physical activation. We are a run crew full of members with a passion for running and a desire for community change. If you are ever in Houston, then come join us for some miles and coffee. You can follow our run CRW on Instagram @blkbeetlesrunning!

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