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The Symbolism of the Black Beetle

The color black represents power, influence, affluence, empowerment, strength, and unknown wisdom. While the beetle represents fertility, home life, relations, and surroundings. When combined, the black beetle represents the will and strength to overcome the toughest obstacles with the assurance that you are on the right path in life.

With this thought in mind, every fitness routine plays role in our wellness journey. It is a chance to share your purpose with the world. But what if your fitness routine was a path to empowerment and well-being? What if there were other just like you? What if we could tell our stories and amplify our voices together?

At Black Beetles, your stories are heard and valued. Our mission is to bring inspiration and a supportive wellness community to the everyday BIPOC athlete from anywhere in the world. Together, we are everyday athletes fueled by inspiration, purpose, and fellowship instead of individual attainment.

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We value relationships with partner who want to do more than just inspire. Especially, partners who seek to enhance and improve the overall well-being of BIPOC communities.

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